About Us

Sang’u FM is a Kamba radio station broadcasting on 93.4 FM in Kitui and Machakos, and 96.2 FM in Makueni.
The word Sang’u is a Kamba word taken to mean ‘too much sweetness’.
Our tagline is ‘Vaa nivo kwaku’ which means, ‘This is where you belong’.
Our vision is to be Kamba’s leading radio station in terms of information, education and entertainment.

Our Vision

To be Kamba's leading Radio station.

Our Mission

To empower the Kamba community through information, education and entertainment by disseminating it in modern broadcasting styles.

Core values

Our core values are SANGU-Sweetness, Astuteness, Newness, Goalfocused and Unity.

1. Sweetness- Everything we do is sweet, from the jingles to programming and news. There's an inexplicable touch that keeps the listener glued to Sang'u FM.
2. Astuteness-We are credible and intelligent. We do what we say we will. Sang'u FM. We show respect for our community, clients, and partners by being trustworthy, transparent, truthful and honest in all of our business dealings. We behave ethically, safely, honestly and lawfully.
3. Newness- We are determined to do a new thing every day as we gear towards achieving our vision. We keep improving to ensure we do not get boring.
4. Goal-focused- We wear determination every day to help us achieve our mission successfully. For this to happen we do not leave our \engagements half-way.
5. Unity- We don’t just speak in one voice but also reason together engagements half-way. with our fans, clients, regulators, political and economic leaders to broadcast what is acceptable, important and viable.